Technical SEO to help boost your site effectively

Aspects of our core SEO service which we can supply on-demand

Content Delivery Network Service
Content Delivery Network || CDN

Serve your website from our high-end dedicated servers (or your own) and serve your images, and files, from a CDN and maximise the speed in which your website displays to your visitors.

We can set-up and configure a generic or custom CDN for you at cost effective rates to improve speed, reduce bandwidth and improve SEO performance.

User Experience || UX

Adjustments to your website to improve the User Experience, ultimately improving website conversions and goals. We identify how your customers use your website and suggest ways to improve it.

We make it easy for your website visitors to find what they want and enable them to perform an action quickly and effectively, e.g buy something or fill in a form etc

Optimised Page Delivery || CACHE

Check your site now with GT Metrix and Google Speed Insights. If you haven’t already, request your FREE audit

We are experts in installing and configuring site caching tools to minify, optimise, compress and otherwise speed up the delivery of your website to improve the general website performance and user experience.

Mobile-Friendly || RESPONSIVE

Now, more than ever before, your website MUST work properly on Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop devices. Whether you have a dedicated site for each device, or a responsive site to suit them all, it’s essential to be ‘Mobile Friendly’.

We check for this in our FREE website audit and will offer advice to ensure your website is compliant.

SSL and the benefits for SEO
Secure Socket Layer || SSL

Google made changes mid-2016, that rendered ALL websites as insecure in Chrome unless SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is installed. We advise all clients to install SSL to avoid mistrust.

We can generate and install SSL for you, this has a recognised SEO boost. Check your site now (and your competitors) and get in touch with us to address this issue.

Good HTML code without errors improves SEO

Experts in Open Source applications covering WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart etc and also work with custom CMS or HTML written websites. We understand code from the ground up, as experts in PHP / MySQL and can optimise any platform.

Get in touch with us on 0800 756 9975 to discuss problems you may have with your existing website.

*We are happy to provide you with the necessary tools which will assist you in improving your website performance.

The Devil is in the Detail

It’s important to ensure your site uses all known ‘best practises’ to deliver the best possible User Experience across all devices

Calls to Action || COMMUNICATION

As part of the UX process, we optimise your website ‘Calls to Action’ (CTA). This allows your customers to connect with you effectively, catering for mobile and desktop devices.

We help integrate Social Media Streams, Sharing Tools, Live Chat Systems and Ring Back Platforms (among other tools), to allow your customers to interact with you in the most convenient way.

We remove obstacles to allow improved communication.

Software as a Service || SAAS / API

We integrate with 3rd party applications via API. We have hundreds of pre-configured applications ready.

Want to push website orders directly into your accounts system or push enquiry forms into your CRM? No problem. Whatever data you need to manage, we can administer an API to serve the purpose.

This offers huge cost and time-saving reductions by streamlining data flow. Allow us to show you the way.

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